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What are the tips for choosing the best 4G Router?

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What are the tips for choosing the best 4G Router?

1.Select from interfaces

WLAN ports, LAN ports, 4G sockets, and even serial communication (RS242485422) alternatives are common computer interfaces, depending on whether the sockets are regarded project needs. Some industrial routers, for example, do not support serial communication, thus the project should not consider using internal serial communication to connect to the network; other projects do not require as many WAN ports and can opt for a more cost-effective wireless route with fewer WAN ports.

2.Select from function.

The role of 4G industrial router is comparable to the role of application areas in that both are based on the selection of 4G routers that are suitable for the major parameters according to project regulations. If a certain role is required, you can also choose to tailor the product.

3.Select from a variety of belt machine options.

The key to determining the number of machines is to consider the project's specific business scale as well as the overall number of machines and equipment available on the Internet. There are many linked machines and equipment in the natural environment of a huge shopping mall, so a wireless router with a higher number of machines should be used. Most industrial production projects can be considered with 24 wireless network intervention machines and equipment if they are not too demanding.

4.Select from the application category.

The home-installed wireless router is no longer considered now that the 4G industrial router model is the option. The industrial router's application field is determined by the project's requirements, and it is sufficient to select a 4G industrial router with matching major parameter index values. For example, in the winter, the temperature for outdoor industrial production projects in cold places is around minus 20°C-40°C. All routine operations must be carried out at that temperature, which necessitates the use of 4G industrial routers with a larger temperature range.

If the intelligent public transportation system software uses a 4G industrial production wired router, and the data information transfer rate and socket needs are relatively high, machinery and equipment with a relatively high transmission rate should be used.

5.Select from the operator.

4G industrial routers are classified as mobile 4G industrial routers, China Unicom 4G industrial routers, telecom 4G industrial routers, and complete Netcom 4G industrial routers from the standpoint of operators. Most projects can benefit from industrial routers with five-mode and twelve-band (Mobile Unicom 2G/4G/4G, Telecom 4G). The following table corresponds to the style of each frequency band of the operators.

Frequently Asked Questions

1、What is the difference between industrial 4G routers and home routers?
4G routers include industrial 4G routers and home 4G routers. The main difference is that industrial 4G routers work stably 7*24 hours, and are suitable for various unattended environments. They have good stability and support outdoor industrial equipment operation in high and low-temperature environments. Home 4G routers are mainly suitable for ordinary personal users, with low cost and average stability, and are not suitable for industrial equipment networking.
2、Does an industrial router that supports 4G need to have a 4G network in the local area to use it?
If there is a 4G network locally, the speed of the 4G network will be faster. If there is no 4G, it will automatically switch to a 3G or 2G network. It can also be used, but the Internet speed will be slower. The specific compatibility depends on which 4G network you choose.

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