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What's the advantage and disadvantage of 4G Router?

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Advantages of industrial 4G Router.

1. Industrial-grade routers can isolate broadcast storm information in the source network, thereby reducing and suppressing the impact of broadcast storms.

2. The multi-protocol industrial wireless router can be connected to networks that use different communication protocols, so it can be used as a network interconnection platform that uses different communication protocols.

3. The entire network router can also be used as a network bridge to deal with non-routable protocols.

4. The network segmentation function of the full Netcom router can improve the performance of the network and reduce the burden on the host.

5. It can provide reliable transmission and priority service, and industrial LTE routers do not need to maintain permanent connections between networks that communicate with each other.

Disadvantages of industrial 4G Router.

1. There are many initial configurations when installing an industrial-grade LTE router, so its installation and maintenance are difficult.

2. Unlike network bridges, industrial network-wide routers are protocol-related. Each high-level protocol in the network connection must be configured separately, and an industrial-grade network-wide router with a separate protocol must be provided for each protocol.

3. Use more time for processing, resulting in a decline in the network transmission performance of the entire network of industrial routers.

4. The price is higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

1、Using a 4G industrial router, can I replace the 4G module by myself?
Can be replaced independently. But even the same module has a different version, the module and the motherboard need to be debugged before they can be used normally.
2、Do 4G industrial-grade wireless routers need a card?
4G industrial-grade wireless routers support plug-in cards. Due to the harsh industrial environment, broadband cannot be pulled, and generally, only the operator’s network can be used.
3、How much is a general 4G industrial router?
Industrial routers range in price from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan, or even tens of thousands of yuan. The more expensive the router, the higher the performance and the stronger the function. The cheapest router for small businesses, about 400 yuan, average performance.

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